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Success is just the beginning.
Empowering. Learners. Together.

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Catalina is pleased to disclose that she is experienced and certified in all training areas offered, to include: reading, school leadership/principalship, bilingual/ESL education, EL self-contained all subjects, Gifted & Talented, and Spanish. To learn more, click above.

For over twenty-five years, we have been dedicated to building both linguistic and instructional bridges across Texas and beyond. We have had various opportunities to serve in schools, communities, universities, as well as private and government agencies. Through  research and application, with the support of ongoing continuous improvement, we create training that empowers organizations to become highly effective and transformative within the communities they serve.

Let GV help you reach your district, campus or organizational goals today!


Gran Via's Primary Mission and Goals are:

  • Increasing Student  Achievement

  • Increasing School Effectiveness

  • Supporting BIL/ESL Program Leaders and Educators

  • Creating More Licensed BIL/ESL Program Educators

  • Empowering Parents and Communities

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