It is a pleasure serving you in meeting your district educator goals. Developing rigorous work that connects us to one another while being comprehensible and actionable is an ongoing endeavor.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the support you need to enhance instructional performance in the classroom as well as on licensing exams. 

Educating Multilinguals Since 1996

     It's incredible to believe that it has been 25 years since I first stepped into education. Working with the ESL community was part of my leisure activity. It was something I did to give back to my community, as service is a skill that my parents wove into me as public servants and first responders. Having come from migrant working families along the Texas-Mexico border, I understand the value of education as the most effective way to support our English learners from all walks of life. Adult ESL and GED program support in Dallas became my foundation while studying international business. I never realized that upon graduation, the Twin Towers would fall and I would find myself walking into my own classroom as a dual language bilingual educator. 

     After moving into administration, I learned that the artisanry of curriculum and instruction was my way. I began developing proposals and presenting research and development in the dual language classroom. Meanwhile, my peers began coming to me for support in preparing for the state board exams. This shared sense of purpose and pluralism inspired continued capacity-building in educators while leveraging new knowledge through doctoral level bilingual studies at UT-RGV. Upon being recruited to work for Boston Public Schools as a  secondary SIFE educator and instructional coach, I knew the next step was consulting. I was soon picked up by the State's Region 10 as a BIL/ESL consultant and Gran Vía followed. Today, through GV, we are continuing to learn, train and reach lives across the state, while building bridges through effective BIL/ESL training and licensure support.

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